Winter Just Got A Bit Easier

Extreme Weather conditions got you down?

When ice and snow makes you not want to go, Ice Liminator Heated Wiper Blades are here to save the day. Traditional blades allow for ice build up that makes it difficult to see, the Ice Liminator Heated Wiper Blade provides an un-obstructive view by not allowing ice and snow to build up on the blades.

Stop fighting ice build up and start seeing clearly what is in front of you. 

Installing Ice Liminator Heated Wiper Blades is easy and fast!

Simple snap the new Ultra Heated blades into position, locate and connect 12 volts to the Ice Liminator Heated Blades Module and last make sure the wiring harness is secure.
Ice Liminator Heated Wiper Blades comes complete with everything needed without having to connect into the computerized wiring system of your automobile.
The best part is that the Ice Liminator Heated Wiper Blade is self-regulating. When the temperature drops and the engine is on your Ice Liminator Heated Blades will be on. Falling wind temperature is not a problem, the Ice Liminator Heated Wiper Blade self regulates to adjust to the temperature change.
The Ice Liminator Headed Wiper Blade is the ideal solution for the professional driver.
    • Snow Plows
    • School Buses
    • Shuttle Buses
    • Semi Trucks
    • Ambulances
    • Firetrucks
    • E-Units
    • Delivery Vehicles
    • More...

      Entertaining video of Ice Liminator equipped vehicle being assaulted by a large, remote-controlled snow making machine.

      Watch a quick video of the inventor and learn why the Ice Liminator blade design is the best performer.