Because of the Self-Regulated Manager System (SRM System) the Ice Liminator Heated Wiper Blade is the most automatic heated wiper system ever invented.

Just wire to the battery positive and negative posts, not to the car's electrical platform. Self-Regulating - The colder it gets, the more amperage they will draw. It can't get too cold in North America.  Heats approximately twice as fast as our regular heated blades.  Comes on automatically at 40° if vehicle is running.  Self-diagnostic LED light with an inline fuse.  All wiring connectors and blades meet the automotive standard of -40°. Comes on automatically at approximately 34°. Keeps beam and squeegee flexible.  Blades last longer.

Since the invention of the automobile, different individuals have tried to come up with ways to keep the windshield clean so they could have good, safe vision. First, came the mechanical wiper, next the motorized wiper. After that the intermittent wiper was invented. Still later someone invented the heated wiper blade, but it didn't work very well on the mechanical style wiper blade. But now with the invention of beam blades, Ice Liminator has patented new and innovative types of heated wiper blades that really work. They help keep ice and snow off of the wiper blades which makes for clearer vision in winter. The heated wipers keep the beam blades flexible so they can do a good job.

Falling temperature and wind speed is not a problem.